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Feathering the Nest 3 ... - Brigitte Giblin

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Feathering the Nest with quilts from small to grand

In this new addition to her quilt opus, Brigitte has curated a selection of quilts varying from small to large, including a coverlet, samplers, an adorable vest for that special someone’s teddy bear, a dolly quilt, reticule and a chic doorstop. 

Brigitte’s style brings together her love of fabric and design in a unique way. 

Combining her love of vintage quilts, bright and unexpected fabrics, and simplified shapes, her quilts have, what she likes to call, “a whimsical twist”.

If you love all types of hexagons, Broderie Perse, Medallion quilts, Snowflake blocks and framed vignettes, then look no further! As an added bonus, her latest book is complete with a chapter on some of her go-to techniques: rotary cutting, machine and hand piecing, hand applique, two methods for mitering borders and EPP. 

There could not be a more thorough quilting book out there! With 19 projects, carefully detailed and richly illustrated with color photos, there is simply a project for everyone!


erschienen: 2020
von: Brigitte Giblin
19 Projekte auf 232 Seiten
durchgehend farbige Abbildungen
in Englischer und Französischer Sprache

Acryl- und Papierschablonen zu den Quilts im Buch erhalten Sie bei uns !


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