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Take it...to go!

English paper-pieced hexagons are perfect for modern quilters on the go-take them along with you anywhere to stitch up, then build all your completed hexagons into a project at home. This fresh look at an old favorite highlights current fabrics and novel settings for quilts, table toppers, and more. Hexagon quilts are terrific stash busters (and stress busters) that take your priceless handwork from repetitive to remarkable!
Features both modern and traditional designs, including rosettes, diamonds, stars, and freeform

Learn how to combine settings with other blocks, as well as how to creatively quilt hexagons

Projects are varied for any level of skill or time commitment - make a few hexagons, make a few more, or make few hundred!

erschienen: Juni 2012
von: Tacha Bruecher
144 Seiten
durchgehend farbige Abbildungen
in Englischer Sprache

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