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One Block Wonders - Cubed

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Add New Dimension to Your Favorite Hexagon Quilts

von Maxine Rosenthal und Joy Pelzmann
80 Seiten, farbig
in Englischer Sprache

• Your favorite One-Block Wonders authors are back with new graphic techniques using triangles, cubes, and appliqué
• Learn how to create optical illusions with your fabrics
• Bonus projects include totes, coasters and placemats for using up left-over hexagons
• Create interesting shadow effects with clever fabric placement
• Try new kinds of borders with uneven edges, creative shapes, and hexagon strips

From the best-selling authors of the One-Block Wonders books. New techniques and design strategies using simple geometric shapes give you dramatic quilt imagery that seems to defy logic! Take the ordinary and turn it into something extraordinary with this book.

Alle Projekte in diesem Buch lassen sich wunderbar in der Technik des English Paper Piecing realisieren !

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