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Adventures in Hexagons - Emily Breclaw

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11 Quilts, 29 Blocks, Unlimited Possibilities

Hexa-yawn to hexagon! Create a repertoire of hexagons as you piece unusual layouts and radial designs that defy tradition.

Move beyond one-patch hexagon layouts and turn six-sided shapes into versatile quilt design elements! Sew single, triple, rosette sprocket and medallion blocks in a variety of sizes and pieced combinations for stunning visual effects. Eleven hexagon quilts invite you to master the Y-seam by machine or hand, as you sew astounding quilts that beg the question, "How'd you do that?" Mix it up with the author's design primer, which gives you the tools to create new hex effects and draft your own stunning hexie quilt.

Emily Breclaw designs patterns to help quilters discover the addicting fun of hexagon quilts, and her work has been featured in several magazines. She enjoys spending time outdoors with her family where they live in Pantego, Texas.

Acryl- und Papierschablonen zu den Quilts im Buch erhalten Sie bei uns !

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