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Henry Glass, Michelle Yeo - Main Birds & Flowers pink

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Ein traumhafter schöner Stoff von Michelle Yeo:
The Lille fabric line was inspired by my love of antique quilts and the fabrics within them, in particular French fabrics.
The main fabric, which was inspired by a French textile from the past features stunning birds perched on tree branches surrounded by gorgeous flowers. It is an ideal fabric to cut up and rearrange creatively into Broderie Perse appliqué, as well as being used within blocks, setting squares and borders.
The fabric collection was named ‘Lille’ after the beautiful, historic town in the north of France, near the Belgian border. This is where I spent a fantastic time sampling the French cuisine and wandering the streets with my treasured Belgian friend, Françoise, who shares my love of textiles and quilting. Special friends are hard to find. This one’s for you Françoise!"

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